Tailor-made Tours  

Are you a family or a group of friends or colleagues? For every group we can create the perfect excursion! The possibilities are endless!

Discover the hidden courts

Delft still has some medieval courts and a few are so well hidden that even the locals have to admit they didn’t know these courts existed! The standard tours which most tourists take, will not go here and these hidden gems will only be revealed to a select group and you will be one of them; your guide will tell you all about it.

Life of Johannes Vermeer

The now world famous painter Johannes Vermeer was born in Delft and he lived and worked in this city all his life. You will walk in his footsteps from the house where he was born to his father’s cafe where he helped behind the bar as a young man. We will visit the workshop where he painted his masterpieces and also the locations in the streets of Delft that served as model for his famous paintings like “the street”.

Delft capital of beer

In the middle ages Delft was the capital of the beer industry! About 77 million litres of beer were produced every year. Beer was the most popular drink among the people; it was nutritious, safe to drink and available in abundance! At that time there were more than 200 breweries in Delft! Your guide will tell you all about the beer production in the 16th century and we will visit two breweries that still make their own draughts and of course we are going to taste one!

Tell us what you are looking for and we will make you a customized offer!!

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